4,855 home sales, 138% Southlake, and DFW Rocks!

november marks the FIFTH straight month that home sales have increased in North Texas, according to the Texas A&M Real Estate Center’s report released last Thursday.  last month 4,855 homes were sold representing a 13% increase over November 2010.  FURTHERMORE this increase brought our year-t0-date numbers back to level – which had been lagging since the beginning of the year (and this is with NO gov’t incentives, to boot!).  at the end of November, 59,249 homes were sold, year-to-date, which is 216 MORE than at the end of November 2010.  need more silver linings??  November’s median home price inched up 1% as well (from a year over year comparison) and is flat compared to 2010 year-to-date (whereas the majority of the country is still seeing a dip in median price).  Northeast Arlington & Southlake led the way posting a 138% gain in sales!  DFW rocks!!


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