who am i and why this site?

I am a loan officer & radio host who LOVES to educate my real estate agent, financial advisor, and attorney partners as well as my current clients and prospective clients with all the goings-on in the ever-changing landscape of the real estate finance industry.  With so many horror stories out there about 11th hour crisis and the wheels falling off of home loans prior to OR at closing I felt compelled to publish as much as I possibly can to help mitigate these nightmares.  The more we know the better prepared we ALL are.

Oh yea – I also LOVE helping folks come up for some fresh air, take a mental bath, and wash all the negativity out that the doom and gloom media bombards you with!  So, you will find articles of interst proving the doom and gloom media is a farce and nothing more than a scare tactic to sell papers and draw listeners in.  I’m most looking forward to the swelling tsunami of demand for housing in the VERY near future – but more on that later.

On a personal note – I’m married to the most amazing wife in the universe and I’m a fun-lovin’ dad who LOVES our 4 little people (Kaylee 16, Jackson 14, Carter 12, Mckinley 9), Cali our 10 year old boxer, Redington & Maverick our toddler sibling goldendoodles & Marv our adolescent can’t-be-bothered cat.  When I’m not helping families finance homes you can find me with my family surfing behind our boat on Grapevine Lake.

I hope you enjoy the education as well as my rants – if there is something you’d like to know or see that is not here please shoot me an email to cole@coleholmes.com – I’m happy to help!


Fam 2013

My Crazy Fam!


My Beautiful Proverbs 31 Bride

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