what’s up? 1. sales 2. median price 3. average price

TEXAS & DFW home-sales volume increased and prices held steady in Q# 2011!  front page news? nope.  six o’clock news headliner? of course not.  scrolling across the bottom of the screen on cnn? heck no!  no real surprise though, right?

it’s really quite amazing just how good things are….as long as you keep the tv off and the newspapers rolled up tightly.  for example, there were 58,019 single-family homes sold in Texas from July to September representing an 18% increase from the same period in 2010.  economists are saying the market is starting to look like it did in ’02 & ’03, before the real estate boom AND bust, indicating a return to normalcy.  so how did DFW compare?  DFW Rocks! 

Fort Worth: Q32010 sales = 1923 / Q32011 sales = 2177 | Q32010 avg price = 149,879 / Q32011 avg price = 150,330

Dallas: Q32010 sales = 9990 / Q32011 sales = 11,972 | Q32010 med price = 162,800 / Q32011 med price = 161,900

Arlington: Q32010 sales = 887 / Q32011 sales = 1105 | Q32010 avg price = 151,027 / Q32011 avg price = 151,571

Monthly inventory was DOWN in all three markets as well indicating homes are selling and foreclosures are leveling off.

you can see the full report here on the Texas Associations of REALTORS site.


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