have you aligned yourself with alliance?


you may have heard about the “Texas Miracle” (referring to the state’s economy) but have you seen what affect north Fort Worth has had on it?  let me introduce you to Alliance Texas – so far this project has created 30,000 new jobs with 2,400 of them created just in the last 12 months (while the rest of the country was losing jobs!) – these jobs span the financial, hospitality, retail, logistics, entertainment, and healthcare sectors among others.  NOTE this doesn’t even include the multitude of construction jobs associated with the more than 1 million square feet that has been under construction.  this little ‘business park’ has its own hotels, homes, roads, railway, and planes, it is the BIGGEST cargo-only airport in the USA and is larger than Manhatten.  if you’re in real estate – commercial OR residential – you may consider aligning yourself with Alliance.


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