IRS Blames Budget Cuts for Lengthy Turn Times on Tax Trascripts – Will Your Closing be Delayed??

jeopardyLet’s play a little IRS Tax Transcripts Jeopardy

Answer: Because the IRS is ‘underfunded’ thanks in part to massive federal budget cuts

Question: Why in the HECK are Tax Transcripts taking forEVER to process????

Update from one of the larger Third Party Validation Services explains why these transcripts, which lenders require to process a home loan, are taking considerably longer than usual.

  • IRS Blames Budget Cuts for Lengthy Turn Times on Transcripts
  • From: *RAIVS Communication Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 4:26 PM Subject: IVES Requests As you may be aware, the IRS is operating at the lowest level of funding since 2008, and the lowest since 1998 when inflation is considered. All areas of the IRS are affected by the difficult choices these budget cuts have forced us to make. We recognize the importance of providing timely IVES products to you and your customers. We will continue to expedite IVES service and make every effort to handle your requests as quickly as possible. However, you may experience a longer turnaround time than in the past. Thank you in advance for working with us as we work through this change.

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