Are Real Estate Professionals the most Attacked Professionals?

chl handgunSecurity and safety experts agree that Real Estate Professionals put themselves at high risk every day while on the job.  The National Association of Realtors published this article The 6 Most Dangerous Everyday Situations to help agents guard themselves.

NAR published this article just this past year Attacks Against Real Estate Professionals Surge which include stats from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics showing assaults rising significantly from 2008.

We’ve partnered with Texas E-Z Concealed Handgun Licensed instructor Curtis Van Liew to bring you, the real estate professional, a special discounted-rate private class beginning here in our Southlake Town Square offices.

If you haven’t already registered please email me for more details – space is very limited.

REGISTER HERE ——–> AmeriPro CHL Class! <————-

We look forward to seeing you!


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