N TX sales 6,126 homes! + more!

existing single-family home sales up 13% from a year ago in the 29-county North Texas region where 6,126 homes were sold.  the median price was up 11% in March to $155,000, per the Real Estate Center @ Texas A&M University.  Q1 2012 realized a 16% jump from Q1 2011 as well while the median sales price for the entire quarter was up 5%. 

DFW Builders were also rockin’ and rollin’ with home starts up 8% for from Q1 2011 to Q1 2012, according to Residential Strategies in Dallas. 

“With the solid results most home builders have been experiencing this spring, our expectation is that the increase in start activity will continue to manifest itself in the second quarter as well,” said Ted Wilson, a principal with Residential Strategies.

moral of the story = buy now while rates AND prices are low!

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