my glass of home-equity is half full….how about yours mr media?

with all the doom and gloom, ‘sky is falling’ propaganda circulating about on tv (usually around 6pm and 10pm), local and national rags, and the internet i’m compelled to bring a little ‘half-full’ perspective to the table.  looking at this chart provided by Dept Of Numbers blog you’ll find that we are NOT on the edge of a cliff, white-knuckled holding onto a branch for dear life.  in fact, 1/3 of all households in the good ol’ USofA have no mortgage at all.  and, of those that do have a mortgage, the average outstanding loan balance is 69% (in other words most home owner’s that carry a mortgage have more than 20% equity in their homes).  betcha won’t find THAT on the six o’clock news!


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