H-town, our DFW brethren, is rockin’ as well!

the federal government’s numbers on housing starts came out wednesday morning showing a 15% increase!  that’s right, builders are building and buyers are buying!  in fact, according to metrostudy builders are building homes faster than folks are buying and moving into them – which represents a bullish sign on demand and for future housing starts activity that builders are selling off plans successfully.

according to the housing data released wednesday housing starts are up 20% in Houston!  from what i could gather H-town led the country for metro areas, as a whole.

and, all that glitters isn’t new – let’s look at existing home sales data for Houston…..the Houston Chronicle reported that single-family home sales rose 16.9% compared to a year ago and represents the 4th straight monthly increase! additionally the single-family home median price rose as did the pending home sales index.  i’m sure part of this can be attributed to the jobs being created….make that 65,000 jobs in the last 12 months! 

DFW rocks, we already know that, but let’s hear it for our H-Town brethren too!


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