5,515 homes sold in ONE month!

DFW rocks! North Texas home sales increased for the 3rd consecutive month in september with 5,515 homes sold.  that’s 14% MORE than this time last year.  what else??  let’s look at this trend…earlier this year home sales were down 15% from 2010; at the end of august the gap narrowed to only 4%; and by september North Texas sales narrowed the gap further at only 3% down from 2010. 

the number of sales isn’t the ONLY thing that’s up either – according to the Texas A&M Real Estate Center our region’s median home price was up 2% to $147,020 (WELL within the housing affordability index, i might add!).  this is GREAT news guys!

rates are low, families are downsizing, upsizing, relocating, empty nesting, etc, etc,….people NEED to buy and sell homes….it’s that simple.


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