commercial real estate poised to rebound? this is good!

investors agree that we can expect a widespread rebound in commercial real estate prices according to an analysis published by the san francisco federal reserve bank president this past monday.  and guess what, parts of TEXAS lead the country! this is GREAT news whether you’re involved in commercial real estate, residential real estate, or simply just alive and breathing! historically commercial real estate lags residential real estate……could they be competing for the checkered flag??  what a JOLT that would be for the good ‘ol USofA!

san fran’s fed president’s article – chock full of supportive data click here ——->
-according to cole the real estate sky is NOT falling!


One thought on “commercial real estate poised to rebound? this is good!

  1. Don’t hold your breath. I read this one too, Cap Rates require a couple things for investors to actually achieve that rate:
    1) Tenants paying the lease (business)
    2) Environment where property taxes aren’t skyrocketing erroding thie rate of return.

    Otherwise the investment looks great on paper! I will stick with the bet that commercial is still trailing residential by about 18 months…

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