nat’l economy = 0…..DFW = 27!! (percent, that is)

searching for another reason as proof positive that DFW rocks?? how about these apples – buyers in the 29 county north Texas region purchased 6,822 homes in august which represents a 27% increase over august of 2010.  THIS IS HUGE! in Tarrant county alone there were sales increases in 27 out of 32 submarkets! STILL not enough to ignite your fire?? ok, how about this….while the nat’l forecast calls for flat or declining values north Texas rose 2% in august!  what’s more??  all this home buying is going on with NO gov’t programs…no special tax credits…no 100% financing (except for VA and USDA)….tighter lending guidelines….NO stated income programs….and WITH increased down payment requirements on conventional and FHA loans.  and what media channel is publishing all this great news???  according to cole the real estate sky is NOT falling.


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