appraisal appreciation instead of home values? thanks dodd-frank!!

first i’d like to send out a BIG thank you to my friends barney frank and chris dodd (once again!).  as of september 1, 2011 consumers can look forward to ANOTHER increase in prices – and no, i’m not talking about home prices either!  in order to protect the consumer (sure, yeah right) the two biggest purchasers of mortgages, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, have been tasked by the gov’t to create a new method for completing appraisals.  this requires a new form, with new codes, and a new review process requiring new formatting and a new upoloading process required by the appraisers themselves.  welcome UAD!  UAD is the ‘uniform appraisal dataset’.  so, once again, the consumer will experience an ‘appreciation’ in the fees to purchase or refinance a home.  although this is not a significant increase ($45.00 in most cases), nonetheless it IS an increase.  again, thank you dodd-frank!


One thought on “appraisal appreciation instead of home values? thanks dodd-frank!!

  1. This Dodd-Frank bill is loaded with all sorts of “gifts” isn’t it?
    Sometimes I wonder if the real estate market would have recovered by now had they not thrown so much intervention in it. This one is a small one too!

    Is there someone out there compiling all the new industry regulations out there?

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