DFW home sales AND prices SOAR!

the national weather forecast is cloudy…..with a chance of DFW (aka sunshine).  just in case you missed the positive news in the local rag this morning (or maybe you were just in such shock that you didn’t believe they were actually printing something worthy of lifting one’s spirits up!) the headline story reads “area’s home sales, prices soar”.  home sales in DFW rose 11% in march and prices were up 6%.  tarrant county, where i live and work in the real estate industry, is one of the 24 counties that make up the north Texas MLS region AND is one of the only counties that saw  sales double OR better!  dissecting this a little further – there are 32 housing markets within tarrant county and 24 of them registered sales GAINS.  actual numbers will show there were 6,036 homes sold in march and the median sales price rose 6% to $144,900 within the 24 county north Texas region. 


Fiserv Case-Shiller predicts that Fort Worth-area home prices will return to PEAK levels (that’s right – i said PEAK levels) by the 2nd quarter of 2013 and that home prices throughout Texas are expected to rebound fairly quickly.  ok, let that sink in for a second……the Case-Shiller report, released just yesterday, didn’t say that home prices will begin to turn around and trend up in 2013….no, not just “begin” to turn….they are predicting that home prices will return to PEAK levels by 2013.  what does that mean?  that means that the DFW real estate market is on its way back up RIGHT NOW!  that’s pretty exciting, ESPECIALLY when you consider they predict other markets such as california, florida, arizona, and nevada won’t return to peak levels until 2025 OR later. 

according to cole DFW is lookin’ pretty good AND the DFW real estate sky is definitely NOT falling….

much success! – cole


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