two thirds of America think the time to buy is right now!

fannie mae polled the nation asking whether or not it was a good time to buy a home.  guess what??  nearly two-thirds of America responded with a “YES”.  this was basically the same p0ll results (66% v. 64%) from their 2003 survey JUST before the start of the nationwide run up on prices. 

you may be saying to yourself that the gov’t sure has created some incentives leading to the positive survey results – yes, i would agree, but the fact of the matter is that America is confident right now (contrary to what the doom & gloom media are printing), there are GREAT incentives, prices are down from their peak, AND interest rates are ridiculously low.  now, you combine the aforementioned list of good reasons to buy a home with the DFW area where the economy has outpaced the nat’l economy and you lookin’ pretty good.

regardless of what i say or others are saying each one of you should evaluate your own goals, budget, and other factors to determine if this is the best time for YOU to purchase a home. 

according to cole it’s a pretty good time to buy a home.

much success! – cole

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