Doom & Gloom media says home prices are down again?

once again the doom & gloom talking heads insist on using their scare-tactics to suck in viewers.  give me ONE good reason WHY the doom & gloom MUST cry the sky is falling??  The Case-Shiller Home Price Index can be interpreted in many different ways.  the doom & gloom likes to focus on the negative (shocker!) and tell America that home prices are down.  thanks for the HALF truth!  YES, december to january will show a slight -0.2% OVERALL decline.  However, keep in mind that out of the 20 cities used in compiling this data are 11 of the hardest hit markets in the entire country!  NOW if the media was so inclined they’d be HAPPY to let scared America know that compared to 1 year ago home prices are FLAT…that’s right FLAT.  see the data for yourself here —-> Case-Shiller Index I’ll take flat and be happy over a decline any day of the week. 

and for my very own Dallas/Fort Worth market…..can someone say 4.1% INCREASE??!! come on doom & gloom isn’t about time that you change your tone??  you’ve been beating up America for and exploiting the housing market for years!  is there still negative news with regard to housing?  yes, of course there is…there always will be!  but us average joe’s and jane’s will continue to find it extremely difficult to change our tones, our confidence, our spending habits, etc when you, the doom & gloom, continue to beat us up with ALL your negative nelly, the sky is falling news.  focus on some positives for once.


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